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Get a real mortgage rate checkup

Get a Real Mortgage Rate Checkup!

Minneapolis, MN: Homeowners everywhere are constantly wondering how their existing mortgage interest rate compares to today's market rate, or what a new payment on a new home might look like compared to their existing mortgage payment.

So the typical go to method these days is to run to the internet to see rates. Unfortunately, many of the rates you see at either based on a "perfect" situation that may not apply to you, come loaded with discount points you don't want to pay, are offering reduced closing costs that increase your interest rate, or very sadly, they are just straight up fake rates even God couldn't qualify for.

Free Online Quotes 

We, like many other lenders offer annonymous free online quotes.  For many people, this is an OK place to start, but the old computer statement of garbage in, garbage out applies..

Mortgage Rate Quote

So how do you get an accurate mortgage rate quote?

Get off the internet, pick up the phone, and contact a local lender in your own backyard. Give that person as much information as you are comfortable with so they can accurately assess your situation, along with your wants, needs, and goals to make sure you are not only getting the best deal for you, but an accurate quote on that deal.

Rates Change

Finally, also remember that mortgage interest rates change, potentially daily, based on market changes, and that the only rate quote that matters is the one you get on the day you lock the loan.


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