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Retirement - Are you ready?


Did you know: That if you wait until you're 45 years old to start investing for retirement, you'll need to save about $24,000 per year just to reach a reasonably comfortable retirement level? But if you start when you're 25, you can reach that same level by saving just $4,000 per year. So starting as early as possible is important - but even if you didn't, you can use the simple tips below to get on track right away.

Give Yourself a Retirement Raise: The more you make the more you spend, right? The next time you get a raise or a bonus, break the cycle! Set aside that extra money and invest it in your future. You will not even notice it now...but you will in the long run.

Make a Big Impact Without Denting Your Budget: If you're about to pay off a car, student loan, or some other monthly expense, you can make a huge impact on your investment plans by simply adding that extra money to your retirement account. You're already used to living without it, so it won't impact your monthly spending money at all.

Out of Sight, Out of Mind Investing: Don't forget to make your investments automatic. It's much easier--and a lot less painful--to have that money simply deducted from your paycheck and electronically deposit. You'll save the same amount every month...and save yourself the trouble of writing that check!

Eliminate High Rates: Want to earn a 17%, 18% or even 19% return right away? It's easy...put together a plan to pay off your credit cards faster, starting with the highest rates. By paying it off quickly--and keeping it paid off--you'll eliminate the high interest charges that tighten drain budget and often put people into a downward spiral of debt.

Make the Most of Matching Contributions: If you have access to a 401(k) retirement plan, make sure you are using it - especially if you get matching contributions from your employer. See how much you have to contribute to earn the full matching amount from your employer - and if you can't contribute that much right away, start small and steadily increase your contribution over time until you reach it. You'll double your money with the employer's match...and your contributions are generally taken out of your check pre-tax, so your savings costs even less in real, after tax dollars.

It's NOT All or Nothing: Don't feel like you have to jump in with everything you've got. The most important point is to get started right away...not next month or next year, but right now with whatever amount you can. You can always increase the amount you invest...but you can never get back the compounding interest you'll lose by waiting.

And remember, if you have any questions - including how a mortgage can be structured to jumpstart your retirement plan with programs like the HOME OWNERSHIP ACCELERATOR  ( - please don't hesitate to call!

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