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Thinking of paying off your home?

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Here in the Minneapolis / Saint Paul, Minnesota area, and the rest of the country, home owners and future home buyers have been hearing quite a bit of talk from newspapers, television and the Internet on the "Mortgage Accelerator" programs. Have you heard of them? They can go by the name "mortgage accelerator" or "all-in-one" mortgage, "MMA" (money  merge account), and "Home Ownership Accelerator".

These products are simply a new financial tool for homeowners to pay off their mortgage and leverage their own income (the bank of YOU). There are an increasing number of mortgage companies offering these products and it is important to me that you have a good knowledge of how it works from your Minnesota Mortgage source!

You may be off my mortgage? For our parents, the answer was always YES. Do it as fast as you can. For the past 10-years, the standard answer has been "NO"!  We now are obsessed with the mentality of ‘leverage', and trained to use record low mortgage rates to our advantage as cheap money to be invested elsewhere. We have gone from consumers who only buy what we can afford, to financing everything in hope for a bigger payoff.

But the fact is that the only real result of this has been that we are no longer a nation of savers. Today, baby boomer's are approaching retirement with less than we need banked. So, how will we fund our retirement? 85% of homeowners are counting on home equity to support their retirement plans! Not a bad plan, except that price appreciation is easing and interest rates are rising. So, retirement is looming, most notably for Baby Boomer's, and the crazy price appreciation we are counting on has come to a screaching halt!

So, we need a fresh solution. If we can't count on appreciation to build equity, we need to pay down our mortgage debt more aggressively to build equity. The best solution is to ‘retire' your home loan debt before you retire so that you don't have to use some of your hard-earned retirement money to make mortgage payments or worse, sell the house and downsize.

Retiring without a mortgage allows for a lot more options:

  • You can stay in your own home for a while
  • You can downsize and have a sizable chunk of equity to invest
  • You can travel more to see family and the world

 Are they real, and do they work? Well, yes, they are real and they work. They all use the same basic concept. There are quite a few programs that I have heard about and researched, but only is the clear winner to help your accomplish this retirement objective. The product is called the "Home Ownership Accelerator". The competing programs can work, but the reason this one is the best is that is wraps everything into one simple easy to use (shall I say idiot proof) program.

It allows you to do something for yourself, putting your own money to work more aggressively:

  • Saves thousands in interest
  • Pays off your mortgage in about half the time
  • Does not force you to change your spending habits to accomplish your goal

Buy now, pay later. The mortgage business for years now has done a masterful job of creating loan products that make home loans more affordable. Zero Down, Interest Only, Teaser Adjustable loans, Option ARM loans, and Home Equity loans for just about anything.

The End of Easy Money. A decade of low-interest lending allowed U.S. consumers to run up debt. But with rates higher, and housing prices flat, they can no longer borrow their way out of trouble.

Many people, especially baby-boomers, are now waking up to the challenge of paying off their homes before retirements. These homeowners are starting to realize that its time to STOP cashing out their equity and start cashing it back in to avoid having hefty mortgage payments that will prevent retirement or limit their retirement lifestyle.

This loan focuses on people who want to pay off their home and debt, rather than expand it, or simply tread water by constantly hitting the reset button with a new standard refinance.

Graph of how the Home Ownership Accelerator loan worksThe Accelerator is your mortgage, checking, savings and equity line of credit combined into one flexible and powerful account. By bringing together your accounts, the CMG Home Ownership Accelerator can help you make your money work harder and reduce the amount of interest you pay on your mortgage.

Just by using your checking account you're reducing your mortgage balance, so you only pay interest on the lower amount. And the lower your balance, the lower your interest expense, so you start saving immediately. This will help you to pay off your mortgage years earlier. And as is simply a normal checking account, you have access to your cash anytime you like. It's the same with your savings - when you need them, they're there.

Read our extensive web site to learn all about this great loan, including: A quick Home Ownership Accelerator overview, a detailed Home Ownership Accelerator Movie explaining everything, read common Home Ownership Accelerator questions, read actual Accelerator customer testimonials, cut through the clutter with Home Ownership Accelerator myths, and even sign up for a FREE Home Ownership Accelerator Seminar. The Accelerator not right for you? Check out our full line of traditional low rate, low cost conventional mortgages

We need to take control of our future financial planning NOW to make sure we live a comfortable retirement. More and more tools are available to help us get there. This new product, the Home Ownership Accelerator, is an exciting addition to that tool box.

Take a test drive of this mortgage program to see for free how it would work for you.  Then contact us, your Minnesota Mortgage professionals for a FREE, No Cost, No Obligation complimentary consultation.

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Thinking of paying off your home?
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